We can relate to you. We can help you.

The services we offer aren’t only for homeowners, but also for dealers, distributors, and installers from wider scales of industries nationwide. As we get to know more about what you need, we see to it that it is matched with the best possible automation solution.


What comes with our services?

We value your trust, so we see to it that we are able to analyze what you need and provide you with quality services from start to finish.

Site Survey

An interview or survey of needs is conducted with the homeowner or developer in order to analyze the best solution that can be supplied.

Recommendation and Quotation

With the results of the interview and survey as a basis, we recommend a fitting solution and a reasonable quote that will match both your automation needs and budget. 

Installation Process

A team of experts will personally go to your home or location and take charge of the installation process, making sure that everything will be properly installed and tested for use. 


After Service Maintenance

For further maintenance, we ensure an after care service for your automation system.


How we work

We are always after what will give ease to your automation needs. We work and give service through the values we incorporate.



The role that integrity plays in our works and services is extremely important. It is continually seen in our uncompromising commitment and transparent approach to all of our clients.


With our products not being limited to one function, we also make sure that it is equalled by quality performance, integrating flexibility in the services we provide at all times.

Want to make automation a part of your daily life?

Cost and work efficient full automation made available for you.