2-IN-1 Module

The 2-IN-1 Module connects with any standard switch to make it a smart switch. It has a compact design that can fit any standard electrical switchboard and can easily be installed in 2 minutes. It can control curtains, blinds, shades, and garage gates.

Fan Dimmer

Fan Dimmer is designed to perform even with remote access. It can control the speed of the fan using an app. This easy-to-install smart switch can be connected to multiple devices and has precise 4 step speed control (off, low, med, and high).

3 Node Module (Z-Wave)

3 Node Module Z-Wave is a variant of Hogar 3 Node Insert Module, a smart switchboard that controls electrical devices in a room and easily switches between commands. It only takes 2 minutes to install without any additional wiring. This functional smart switch can control TV’s, blinds, lights, fans, curtains, etc.

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