Benefits of Hogar Products

Easy Installation

Control from Anywhere

Custom and Retro Fit

Prime Touch Series

The Prime Touch Series is highly functional and comes in a sleek and modern design that’s perfect for any interior, with each touch switch panel built to aid and improve automation needs.

Our Controllers work to assist in the innovation and easier navigation of a smart house. Its smart controller features enables households and offices to function using only its simple programming. It is also configured to the Nova Home Automation Mobile App, so users can access the controls both on and off site.


Home Controller Mini (HC Mini)

Home Controller Pro (HC Pro)

Smart Remote

The Smart Remote is designed to enhance home automation with just its one touch scene control.


Our Smart Sensors comprise of devices that detect unfamiliar vibrations, helping to alert users of possible threats or dangers. It makes a good addition to the security features of homes and commercial spaces.

Smart Sensors

Vibration Sensor

Door Sensor

Smart Switches

The Smart Switches function as a control for electrical devices in a room and come in a compact design.

2-IN-1 Module

Fan Dimmer

3 Node Module (Z-Wave)

The Home Starter Kit consists of smart switchboards that function as controllers of electrical devices in a room. It can control TVs, blinds, lights, fans, curtains, etc.

Home Starter Kit

3 Node Module Wi-Fi

Security Kit Commercial

Security Kit Commercial is especially designed for added security features in homes and commercial spaces.

Door Sensor

Vibration Sensor

The Security Kit Essential is made for detecting possible break-ins and serves as an added security feature for homes and commercial spaces.

Security Kit Essential

Door Sensor

Want to make automation a part of your daily life?

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